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professional photographer



Proudly based in the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Brazilian born Ariela Plaza has developed throughout her career a true passion for photography and her home, Manly.


It all started in 2008 while she was studying Marketing & Advertising and had her first experience in the darkroom, where everything started to change.


In 2009, she decided to enroll for a photography course at Panamericana (EPA) School in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and created her first photography studio in her humble and cute apartment. At the same time, she took a Masters in Film Criticism at FAAP (Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado) still in Sao Paulo where she got a deeper understanding in cinematography.


In 2010, following her dreams she decided to move to Australia and kept working and studying her passion, graduating in 2012 in Bachelor of Visual arts major in Photography at Raffles College, NSW, holding at that same year an exhibition at Carriage Works.


Throughout her many jobs after college, she is very proud of dedicating her photography passion as a volunteer for one year at “Sydney Dogs & Cats Home”, taking photos of animals/events/employees/volunteers for awareness and advertising purposes. She ended up happily adopting an animal from the shelter and creating a photo book about the organization and families’ portraits with their pets. “It was a fantastic journey to know how a pet can enlighten our lives with joy”.

In the meantime time she worked for a few months as a real state photographer where she could gain experience in architecture and property photography.


After a few years break when she decided to open her own retail business, dealing with everything from Marketing, Buying, Logistics, Events, giving her a strong business acumen to her artistic and creative mind, Ariela is definitely happy to be back in photography.


Her way of life has always been about challenging yourself. Keep creating and believing in your craziest dreams, make it happen and keep smiling.

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